Ulysses Club Inc.

Bathurst Branch

The Ulysses Club was formed in 1983 as a club for over 50's motorcyclists.

The largest social club of it's kind in Australia the club provides through a common interest, motorcycling, a forum for the thousands of members to share their passion and come together through numerous social events to "grow old disgracefully".

The club produces a quarterly newsletter called Riding On, supports a primary charity in U.C.A.R.F. (Ulysses Club Arthritis Research Fund), provides a support network for it's members and holds an A.G.M each year in a different location where members come together from all over Australia and the world to elect a National Committee and enjoy a week of festivities.

While the Ulysses Club Inc. is a national club with members belonging to the core body, local branches provide a means for geographically close members to come together for localised activities. 

Full details on the club and membership information can be found on the club's website

A Bathurst branch of the Ulysses Club has existed in one form or another for many years. While numbers attending local rides and social events fluctuate, for the past 10 years there has been a small but dedicated group who have tried to ensure that the club has a continuing presence in the local area.

This website provides some information on past and future activities of local members and how you can make contact with members from Bathurst and surrounding areas, but basically it is as simple as turning up on one of the designated ride days and introducing yourself; you will be more than welcome.




The Bathurst Branch produce a monthly newsletter called the "BUG" which contains information and details of rides and upcoming events that are of interest to local members.


The latest edition of the BUG is sent out via email so if you are not receiving it or would like to, please contact Freddo.


Snowy Mountains Ride info can be downloaded here.


The latest Quartermaster Ramblings can be downloaded here.